FREE pickup in Lexington, SC + Newnan, GA // DELIVERY also available

Custom Painting Services

 The Little Marketplace is proud to offer custom painting services. You provide the furniture and we bring new life to your treasured pieces. If you can find it on Pinterest, we can paint it for you!    

Do you have a piece of furniture that you love, but needs a little updating? Or maybe you have something functional that fits your space perfectly, but it isn’t exactly your style? Custom furniture painting is an affordable way to create a home that perfectly reflects you. And by giving new life to a piece you already own, you are decorating your home in a more sustainable way too

**We are happy to provide you a free no-obligation estimate for custom furniture painting**

Please text Jenna Meharg with pictures of your pieces and how you’d like them re-finished (678) 882-9384. We will respond with an estimate within 48 business hours.

If the estimate works for you, the next step is a design consultation. We will work with you on selecting colors (we recommend general finishes milk paints), techniques and the best finish for your piece. Once that has been decided, we will finalize the price, start date and prepare your invoice. You will order the paint and bring your paint with your pieces on your start date.

We create a custom invoice, detailing the work for your piece, our invoice serves as a contract for all of our custom work with 100% payment due before we start your project. Most custom projects take about 1 to 2 weeks to complete. We only accept a limited number of custom projects each month. We will not accept your furniture until your custom painting invoice has been paid in full.

Once your invoice is paid you will be responsible for dropping of your piece on the agreed upon start date. We are now ONLY ONLINE and our custom painting services are completed in our homes in Lexington, SC (Governors Grant) +  Sharpsburg, Ga (Canongate Village). You choose the location that best serves you.